Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney?

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Real estate attorneys are the go-to professionals for any legal issues that arise when buying or selling a home. They help you navigate through the process, and they’re also experts in all aspects of real estate law. Here Nima Bendavood is going to discuss real estate attorneys. Let’s know about real estate attorneys for beginners from the basics.

Commercial real estate lawyer:

Commercial real estate lawyers are those who specialize in business law and commercial transactions, including contracts, leases, landlord-tenant issues, corporate matters, and securities.

Residential Real Estate Lawyer:

Residential real estate lawyers focus on residential property transactions such as the sale or purchase of a home or condominium unit. They will arrange all necessary legal documents and prepare an offer to buy or sell your property at market value.

What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do?

Nima Bendavood : A real estate attorney is a lawyer who provides legal services to the real estate industry. Real estate law can be very complex and requires a high level of expertise in numerous areas, including contracts, property transactions, landlord-tenant law, construction law, and more. A good attorney will know how to navigate through these complexities while providing his or her clients with excellent legal representation.

How much does an attorney cost? An experienced real estate attorney may charge anywhere from $150-$500 per hour for their services. This amount depends on the complexity of your case and what type of work you require to be done.

Do You Need A Real Estate Attorney or Not?

If you are a first-time home buyer, a real estate attorney may not be necessary as your agent could guide you through most of the process. However, please note that real estate agents are not allowed to give legal advice to clients, so you’d need to engage an attorney for specific legal questions or more complex matters. As you grow and scale your real estate business, it becomes more important to understand your rights and responsibilities and hiring an attorney could become helpful.

How Much Does a Real Estate Attorney Cost?

As with most things, the price of a real estate attorney depends on the type of services you need and how much time they will take to complete. The fee for an initial consultation is usually between $300 and $500, although it can go up or down depending on your circumstances. Real estate attorneys typically charge by the hour. In addition to their hourly rates, some lawyers offer flat fees for certain types of cases or issues.


Real estate attorneys can help you with a variety of real estate-related matters, including Advising on the purchase and sale of the property as well as drafting contracts to buy and sell land or homes. These may include deeds, leases, mortgages, and other financial documents. They also may include agreements for construction projects such as new houses or commercial buildings. Nima Bendavood says Finding a good real estate attorney could be very beneficial to growing and scaling your business as you move into larger and more complex deals.

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