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Nima Bendavood has extensive experience in all aspects of the real estate industry. Nima first embarked on his real estate journey within the residential and single-family space.

Nima Bendavood has extensive experience in all aspects of the real estate industry. Furthermore, he is well versed in the leasing aspects in both low-end and high-end markets.

Nima started his career at the popular fast-food chain Mcdonald’s in early 2015 and worked his way up.

Nima earned a new position as Client Service Representative in Bank of America in late 2015.

Nima completed all California Licensing Requirements and earned his Real Estate Sales Person License in 2016 at the age of only 19.

He has worked his way from being an entry-level associate to becoming a senior associate in less than 3 years, working with both buyers and sellers. Nima has gained valuable experience in commercial real estate as well, which includes multifamily, retail, and office spaces and generating leads for salesmen at all levels of the company.

Then he gained tremendous experience in the commercial field including but not limited to multifamily, retail, office, industrial, mixed-use, and land.

Nima is a real estate expert in the high-end market with extensive experience in all aspects of the industry.

For the past 5 years, Nima Bendavood has been working in both residential and commercial real estate development. With so much experience, he will guide you on how best to get your deal done.

“From a young age, he realize how important it is to be a good leader. He spent his life helping people become the best version of themselves possible.

Furthermore, he is well versed in the leasing aspects in both low-end and high-end markets.

Smart Real Estate Investments to Make After Pandemic

Nima Bendavood

After the COVID-19 many of our lives have changed, but life is finally getting back on track. Nima Bendavood says, covid took a big toll on the real estate industry in the beginning of covid. But nothing is permanent. People have to come back to their workstations with some precautions and safety. Every sector is trying to recover from covid and with some changes adopted they are successful to phase the pandemic situation.

If we talk about the real estate sector where we feel still fear to invest in some areas. Many people are trying to invest their money in the safe zone. They don’t want to take the risk. Real estate investor is trying to avoid investing in those fields, which creates difficulties and lead to a loss in the future.

Many investors are looking for real estate properties in the built-up areas of major cities. They are seeking such properties which are more likely to generate more revenues after the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are still hesitant to invest in real estate sectors, please read the rest of this article. You can check out the list of higher and lower-risk investments here. Let’s discuss them with Nima Bendavood.

Multifamily Real Estate After Covid Crisis

Many people are choosing to buy houses, some may still prefer to rent homes. This means there this field is still in demand. You can invest in the rental property. During the height of covid-19, this sector of real estate was considered proof of recession.

Investment in Office Properties

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many sectors switch to online work from home mode. If you are a real estate, then try to avoid in invest in office properties. It will be the toughest task to sell or rent out this kind of property. No doubt after post-covid-19 many offices are opened but many companies especially the IT sector are planning to digitize their work.

Rental properties are in demand

People are preferring to buy their own homes but many are still preferring renting home. This field is the safest option to invest money in. People who are unable to buy their homes or people who are living at their job location need rental property.

Many people are choosing to buy houses, some may still prefer to rent homes. But still, we can consider it a safer option in real estate.


Extremely high demand for investment in the real estate sector during the pandemic. People are struggling with the decision of whether to invest or not. It depends on your risk level and personal choice. We have seen a lot of people who wanted to invest their money in the real estate sector. After the covid-19 pandemic, many investors are trying to avoid investing in certain fields. They fear it due to the volatility of this market and they don’t like to take risks in these sectors.

The real estate industry is still a safe and secure investment sector. If you are looking for great real estate investments, then we will suggest you visit the Nima Bendavood blog.

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